Bathroom Products

Toto Toilet.jpg

Toto toilet

The name of the game, with any water consuming item, is efficiency.  Toilets often try to get fancy, but at the end of the day you just want something that works, works well, and uses the best standards on the market.  I've had this toilet installed in multiple bathrooms and I haven't had any crazy issues with them yet.

Niagara Shower head.jpg

Niagara shower head

I was lucky enough to come across these shower heads from a friend of mine who performs energy efficiency audits in Massachusetts.  I had huge concerns with how these would feel, as they only flow 1.5 GPM.  I can honestly say this is now my go to shower head.  It's got a couple different flow modes and it really does the job quite well.  You can't even tell that it's "low flow" when compared to another standard shower head.

Delta foundations faucet

I'm a big fan of faucets that work.  I'm an even bigger fan of faucets that are an all metal construction.  This faucet by Delta has been installed in more than one of our bathrooms and I haven't had any complains so far.  We try to go for simpler looks, and I think the design tends to go with anything.  While our preference with bathrooms is Chrome as it seems to stay clean easier, the faucet also comes in a stainless steel option.