Kitchen Products

delta foundations

There's something to be said for simplicity. This faucet hits all of the marks for what I need in a rental unit. It's an all metal construction for durability, It has an incredibly low flow rate of 1.8 GPM, and it comes in both stainless steel and chrome.  I prefer the stainless look just as it seems to resist damage a little more than chrome.

You can actually further decrease your waterflow to 1.5 GPM by installing an aerator, for $8 it doesn't hurt to put one of these on either. (if you take the ss off of the product description you will find the chrome version)

While replacing the old faucet, be sure to also pick up a pack of faucet connectors.  THESE are my go-to.

Insinkerator evolution

The little things go the farthest with tenants. The 3/4 hp model of the evolution line of InSinkErators is something that's relatively simple to have installed, and can add a ton of value to the property!  Older houses don't always have a garbage disposal installed, and while you want to have a plumber confirm that your pipes can handle the waste that will be travelling down them, you're generally ensuring that bigger pieces don't get stuck and cause issues.

This particular model is pretty small on the form factor, which I also like to include with a deep sink when I get the chance to remodel a kitchen.

Cabinet handles

One of the easiest ways to instantly dress up a kitchen is to change out the cabinet handles.  We've used these ones to create a quick update to a pretty dated kitchen.  You can buy these in bulk straight from Amazon, and they come in a variety of styles and colors to match pretty much anything that you could come across.

Too many kitchens haven't been updated since they were installed, and too many kitchens were installed too long ago! Your tenants will really appreciate the details that you can put into it, even if it's only $30 worth of new handles.