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Net Worth Update #10: April 2019

Net Worth Update #10: April 2019

You can check out our latest net worth update here.

You can also find my personal net worth template here that you can download and use for your own tracking purposes.

We continued down the right path, considering the majority of our accounts. Our numbers have shifted pretty significantly for the month of April, so let’s jump right in below.


Primary Bank Account: $13,598.64

Change from last month: +1,667.31

This number continues to rise, which I actually see as a bad thing. Sure- more money is great, but I would rather have our money working harder for us than it is while it’s sitting in our checking account. If this number continues to rise in the coming months, we will have to look into siphoning more into more useful means.

Savings Account: $2,372.14

Change from last month: +203.98

Another $200.00 in deposits and almost $4.00 in interest. This isn’t the craziest growth, but at least it’s something.

401(k)’s: $75,389.70

Change from last month: +3,142.90

Despite these accounts not being a big focus for us, they continue to experience the awesome growth granted to us by the current market! With only one of us actually contributing to a 401(k) right now, I am always pleasantly surprised by the amount these have grown in the past few months. (For more info on my thoughts about investing in stocks, check out this post).

Lending Club: $1,172.25

Change from last month: +66.74

Five new loans were issued this month! That’s always exciting news to see, but other than that it’s been a pretty quiet month. I do believe that my riskier investments are starting to show their faces though, as three notes are currently at least 31 days overdue. Out of the 89 total notes that we’ve invested in so far, only two have actually been charged off. Here’s to hoping that trend doesn’t continue!

S Pine Street: $375,000.00

Change from last month: None

The property stays the same in value, though the new tenant had a successful move-in. Similarly, I was able to make a few calls and found a new landscaping company to handle the yard work around the property. We were able to shift our costs down by $20 per month and also got a heck of a deal on a Spring clean-up quote. I look forward to hopefully having a quiet Spring and Summer from all of our tenants.

Total Assets: $467,532.73

Change from last month: +5,080.93

Assets 2019-0501.PNG


Mortgage: $346,992.34

Change from last month: (-748.61)

I’m still very excited to see the number’s move so much each month on this account. Last month we decided to keep sending extra payments to our mortgage, and it’s showing in how quickly the principal is dropping. I did hear back from our MLO, and unfortunately we won’t be able to refinance anytime soon. This is mainly due to the fact that this residence is no longer our primary. That’s not the end of the world, because we still cash-flow well, but I was hoping we would be able to take advantage of the equity that’s grown in the property just through appreciation alone. (You can learn more about our investment property here.)

Student Loans: $12,845.77

Change from last month: (-3,820.18)

Another HUGE month for these student loans! As I mentioned last month, these accounts are our top priority at the moment. All of our extra funds are being funneled into these accounts and we were able to pay off four student loan disbursements in April. This is a big win for us, and the rate at which these accounts will be paid off is only going to continue to ramp up!

Credit Cards: $8,121.02

Change from last month: +693.01

This number climbed again in April mainly due to some work related travel on Mrs. Money Smith’s cards, which is reimbursable. Looking back at our statements, it actually looks like we’ve started to reign in our spending a bit, which is always a nice change of pace from our frequent eating out and mini-vacations each weekend.

Auto Loan: $15,926.24

Change from last month: (-495.27)

More small changes the the one current loan that we have. I think it actually takes more time each month to write about this loan that the amount of time it actually takes for the money to transfer towards the pay-off…

Mass Save Loan: $16,639.80

Change from last month: (-416.10)

As usual, the amount that this loan is moving is the absolute slowest we can make it. This is a 0% loan, so we are in no rush to pay this off.


Total Liabilities: $400,525.17

Change from Last Month: (-4,787.15)

Liabilities 12042019.PNG

OUR NET WORTH: $67,007.56

Total Change: +9,868.08

Trend 2019-0401.PNG
Ratio 2019-0401.PNG

Overall thoughts for the month:

April was another very strong month for us. I’m glad to say that even though we’re making excellent progress each month, we aren’t letting ourselves loosen up on building the right habits around our spending. We’ve been able to take almost every single extra dollar each month and allocate it towards paying off those student loans and that’s an amazing feeling. If all goes well, we should be able to completely close out our Nelnet loans in May! *fingers crossed*

Goal for next month

Last month’s goal was to focus on my professional development in the form of reading one book related to the topic. This was actually the second month in a row that I had this goal, and I still wasn’t able to complete it. This may just be a sign that I’m not in the right head space to dedicate myself to that growth at the moment. In the spirit of not having the same goal three months in a row, (and potentially failing that again), I’m going to aim for something that I already feel has a pretty solid chance of happening…That being said, the goal for this month is:

The goal for May is to celebrate my birth month in the best way that I know how - I’m going to finish paying off the remainder of my student loans! There’s less than $2,500 left in my name that’s owed to Nelnet. This would feel like a huge achievement so I am hopeful that this will bring a lot of big smiles from my end.

Let me know what you're goals are down below in the comments, or shoot me a message on the contact page.

-Mr Money Smith

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