House-Wide Products

Kwikset Doorknob

These are my go-to door knob, the first things to replace when purchasing a new home. The reason I prefer Kwikset keys is because you can re-key a lock with just a tool and the key itself.  These locks are rated exceptionally high for durability, and they allow me to have any number of locks on a property on the same key.  This is essential in keeping the keychain to a minimum. As a bonus, each doorknob comes with another set of keys, so I always have new ones to use, and they also currently come in five colors to match any aesthetic you need.

rejuvenate floor restorer

I first learned of this floor restoration product from my friend Mike.  He had recently purchased a home that had some pretty beat up floors and was able to apply this to the entire house to make the floors look like new.  I'm generally pretty weary of products that claim such strong results, but since using this the first time, I've become a total believer.  This is great for touching up a room quickly, or getting a new coat of protection on the hardwood between tenants.  All you need to put this stuff on is a mop with a microfiber cloth. This is easily the best way to spend $20 when improving the appearance of your units.

Kwikset Deadbolt

Kwikset has come a long way in the past few years with their keypad enabled door locks.  I prefer this version, which is currently the '909' variant. What I like about this lock is that it doesn't require any connection to the internet.  Being an out of state investor means that I don't have the luxury of being close to my properties.  Having two ways to get into the house helps to reduce the lost keys call that tenants could make, and therefore runs a property that much more efficiently.

Allen + Roth Cellular Shades

When I first started putting window covers in my units, I used the basic mini-blinds that you can buy at Home Depot for $5. I’ve since decided to switch to these cellular shades that can be purchased right at Lowe’s. These are great, all the cords are inside of the unit and you can fit these in any standard size window (sized between 27 inches and 72). For older houses with non standard windows, you can also pick up sizable shades that are Levolor brand, that look essentially the same, but they are about double the price. The cost per window is about $25 more, but I think it brings a much higher-end feel to each unit they are installed in.

Milwaukee Drills

I was able to pick up this set a few years ago and I have nothing but good things to say about the quality of Milwaukee.  This combo is a great start, or addition, to any hands-on landlord's arsenal.  All too often a fix really only requires a drill to get the job done, and having these ready to go has helped me frequently.  There are lots of tool brands out there, but from my research, Milwaukee is what most contractors choose, so it's what I wanted as well.  The other nice thing about these tools is that they all use the same battery system, which is compatible with all of their current generation tools.