retire early with real estate

Overall, this book is one that I can see myself coming back to as I move through the stages of life that are described within. Trying to remember everything I’ve learned from this read would be impossible due to how thorough Chad is, but that’s a welcomed fact when compared to the countless real estate investing books that exist today. This is something that I would recommend to anyone trying to set themselves up correctly for retiring early with a focus in real estate investing.

The Good:

Chad goes in debt into most of the topics that he covers in his book. He frequently sites real world examples of how different scenarios will play out and he continually loops his insights back into how different approaches will affect the end goal of early retirement. Peppered in between each chapter, Chad also injects case studies on specific profiles who are utilizing the methods that are described in the pages before. This mix of real world knowledge, and classroom type education is the perfect blend for me.

Chad really knows his stuff - He takes the time to set up the reader’s journey on the front end, so that expectations are clear. While going through the book, he frequently sites where we are in the journey and important knowledge and potential pitfalls to think about along the way.

The Bad:

Like all books, there are only so many pages that you can use to cram all of your knowledge into, and I think Chad falls victim to that very issue. Often times throughout the book, I wanted to know more about the very topic at hand. The good news is that Chad makes up for his brevity in some topics with recommended reading or other websites and blogs to check out. This issue is more nit-picky than anything and it certainly isn’t a hindrance to enjoying the material.

Why Read:

This book pushed me to start following Coach Carson more closely and since reading this book, I’ve found countless other excellent reads and helpful knowledge on his website, This book goes down as one of the best books I’ve read on the real estate investing life-cycle to date.